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Selling a home as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) is challenging and can be overwhelming. Contact Don Johnson for a free consultation on the hurdles and pitfalls, or just feel free to explore the site! NO FEES OR OBLIGATION!

MLS Only Listing Service

This if for the seller that has done it before, or for seasoned investors just wanting the exposure the MLS gives to their portfolio. It is not recommended for the first time FSBO or out of town seller. You must offer the Buyers Agent compensation.

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This selection allows you to access professional help along the process, plus your home is listed in the MLS for greater exposure to Buyers Agents that have Buyers ready to select a home. You must offer the Buyers Agent compensation.

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How Are Real Estate Commissions Split?

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How Are Real Estate Commissions Split? Most people outside of the real estate sales industry are not clear on how the Real Estate Commission is paid and then split. We are going to show you how a “normal” real estate transaction might appear, and then we’ll show you how it would appear using The Ultimate

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In 2014 92 percent of home buyers searched online

Home Buyers Search Online First

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Home Buyers Search Online First According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), in 2014 92% of all home buyers searched for a home online. With that many people looking in the search portals it is a must that someone serious about selling get their home in front of as many of those homebuyer’s as

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