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Selling a home is a daunting task for even the most experienced. Anyone that tells you it is easy is trying to sell you something or is lying. I’ve been at this professionally for fifteen (15) years and find new challenges all the time.

Whether it is a new government regulation, market condition shifts, mortgage practices or disclosure laws, there is always something hidden that most people overlook when trying to sell as a For Sale By Owner in the Metro Orlando area.

You will run into road blocks that will test your grits while selling as a For Sale by Owner, and that is why I developed this website. I have three services that can help you in the home selling process.

IF you are experienced and just need to get your house on the MLS for excellent market exposure and really don’t need help along the way, I have a MLS ONLY Listing Service Plan created specifically for that person(s). Even if you’ve sold a home or two you may still take advantage of this FREE Broker Consultation to ensure this program does fit your needs, or to determine if maybe you need the next level of service as a FSBO.

IF you’ve never sold a home, or have very limited experience in selling a home, our next level of For Sale by Owner services might be the best fit. In The Limited Listing Services Plan you will find many tools of the Real Estate Profession that will help you to sell your home. This is not a guarantee that you in fact will sell, but it does give you the tools and power to get you in front of the people that will buy your home.

No matter your experience level we have a listing service for you, including Full Service Listing Services. Feel free to set up your FREE Broker Consultation today by clicking below.


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