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The Ultimate Marketing Partner System™

See our entire list of Orlando area For Sale By Owner Service Features Here!

Starting right now you can take control of your For Sale By Owner sales plan. We will provide you all the tools you need, direct from the real estate profession, to help you to get the job done!

You won’t be alone. I will be here to help you make some of the tough decisions.

You are in charge of the sale. If you want to save the listing commission that most companies are charging, plus those add-on fees they call “Transaction Fees” (which we don’t charge btw) – then you must do the Listing Agents job.

Just like an Agent, I am here to coach you along, not do the entire job. If you find in the future you want to change to a Full Service Listing Plan you can effortlessly change and get credit for the money you’ve already paid today!

You must price your property correctly, otherwise all the tools in the world will not help you sell, in any type of market. Think about it this way – would You over-pay for a house you liked? Probably not, neither will the majority of Buyers. So pricing the house to sell will help you reach your goal much faster.

Remember, if you want to take advantage of the FREE Broker Consultation before getting started, I highly encourage you to do so first. We do honor the three (3) day right of rescission when it comes to this service, but we’d really rather talk to you first if you aren’t sure. We do not invest into any hard features until after the three days.

You must offer a Buyers Agent commission in order to be listed in the MLS. It is your choice as to how much that fee will be, but we do recommend to remain competitive. Usually it is expressed as a percentage of the final sales price, but you can offer a flat fee as well. We recommend 2.5% to 3% to stay in their radar. If MORE Realty Services LLC brings, or services on your behalf, the buyer we only charge 1.5% of the gross sales price, regardless of what you are offering our competitors, or a minimum of $1,997.00 – whichever is greater. It’s just another way we want to help you save money!


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The Ultimate Marketing Partner System™

See our entire list of Orlando area For Sale By Owner Service Features Here!

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How Are Real Estate Commissions Split? | Official Site For Sale By Owner l For Sale By Owners In Orlando Area

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[…] The Ultimate Marketing Partner System™ […]

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