MLS Only Listing Service

We Provide You Nationwide Exposure!

Sellers come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to how much they know about buying and selling real estate. We seek to help each level of understanding, which is why we offer new sellers a FREE Consultation with a Licensed Real Estate Broker at no charge – ever!

We also know that others are well versed in the real estate game and just need their property listed in the MLS to maximize their exposure. This is the service for them on this page.

WHO IT’S NOT FOR? This service does not fit well for the person that lives out of the area and can not attend to the sale of the property, nor does it work well for the first time FSBO. We do not allow this service to be used for Commercial Properties either, there are just way too many complications that out-weigh the price we are charging you today.

This MLS ONLY Listing Service is for the seasoned investor or homeowner that has sold property before. You want maximum exposure and you know that the MLS provides it, along with the syndication that MORE Realty Services LLC participates in you’ll enjoy hundreds of real estate portals exposure, including Zillow, Trulia and

Look, this is not a hard sell, you either know you want to list on the MLS or you don’t. If you are the seller this service was made available for, you know the price of $97.00 is a bargain all day long!

What Do I Get For My $97?

  • MLS Listing Entry – Gives You Nationwide Exposure
  • Listing Syndication Network – Over 95 primary portals
  • 25 Photos in the MLS (up to)
  • Use of Florida Bar approved real estate contracts – or use your own)
  • Six Month Listing – FREE Renewal if for some reason it does not sell
  • * You can not use this service to list, or attempt to sell, more than one home/property during the listing period. For instance – you can not list a 3/2 home and then offer potential buyers another home (separate legal description) without it also being listed. At $97 just list them both.

    ** Seller provides their own lockbox, sign and other marketing materials under this plan. If you need more help with marketing – please consider instead The Ultimate Marketing Partner System™.

    GET STARTED NOW – Go Ahead and click the banner below to get your property on the MLS in 30 hours or less from the time you submit your order!



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